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Was it worth it?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Orphanages... well one can never know how to describe such a place. Shouldn't it always be a sad place? The children there have mostly lost so much or have never known the happiness most of us take granted for. Still, when you visit an orphanage you can hear the laughter of the little kids playing around, maybe because they do not realize their loss or maybe they have found a bigger and happier family that we could never experience. Yet there are a few odd kids who prefer staying alone.

In one such poorly maintained orphanage was a girl named Sarah. All she ever did was sit alone, eat alone and walk alone. She avoided people and never made any friends, until one fine day. A small cute cuddly puppy came walking towards her. The puppy had lost its family too and was all alone just like Sarah. There hasn't been one person on the face of this earth who was sane and could ignore the power of "cute".

Now both of them had a friend, a friend to run along with, play with, eat with. They both were inseparable. Even the teachers at the orphanage were happy to see that she had found a friend, but her happiness made a few people jealous. Three guys - David, Jack and Leo, the self-proclaimed three musketeers of the place were the biggest bullies around. Bullying was probably somehow they took out their anger and unhappiness. They had a new target now, Sarah. All three of them cornered Sarah after a class when she was alone feeding her dog. David snatched her dog from her while the other two held her back. "We are taking this dog of your's, he'll be better off with us.", said David.

The dog loved Sarah and he could not see her getting mistreated so he bit David and tried to escape but he was still a small little puppy. David got pissed and Leo came over and held the dog while Jack held Sarah back. David picked a metal vase and hit the dog hard on the head. He kept hitting the dog again and again, and finally when they were done all that was left in the empty classroom was a dead dog in a pool of blood and a traumatized shrieking Sarah. It was the third loss of her life.

A few days after the incident she was adopted and she continued with her life. 20 years passed by and Sarah turned into a strong, beautiful and independent woman. She had a nice income coming through and a decent flat. Things were good in her life but she still could never forget what all had happened to her. She still wanted revenge. One of those three guys was in the same city as her - Leo.

She started keeping tabs on him, checking on his daily habits, the places he visited regularly and such things. He had this habit of visiting the same bar every Saturday evening. Sarah found her chance and went to the same bar. He had forgotten what all had once happened in the orphanage and he had forgotten about Sarah. Sarah knew that so she went up to him and chatted him up like a stranger. They started meeting every Saturday and soon Leo started buying her drinks.

One day when he was thoroughly drunk she invited him over to her flat. She was hot, it would have been insane for a guy to refuse such an invitation. They reach her apartment and he manages to somehow walk into her flat from the car. "Give me a minute in the bathroom please", says Sarah. Leo lies on the bed impatiently and suddenly a half-naked Sarah peeks from behind the bathroom door and calls out to Leo, "Will you care to join me for a bath?". Leo jumps from the bed, undresses and walks into the bathroom without wasting a single moment. Sarah points towards the bathtub and he walks towards it. Just as he is about to get in Sarah draws the plastic curtains and pushes Leo into the bathtub from behind the curtains.

There was no water in the bathtub... It was acid! Leo falls in, feels the burns all over his body and tries to get out of the bathtub but suddenly he realizes that he is unable to move. She had drugged him. Leo lies motionless in the tub while the acid eats him away and Sarah reminds him of everything that had happened in the past. By the end of it, there isn't much of Leo left.

Next was David, the same thing happened again but this time in another city. Sarah pretended to be on vacation when she met him by chance. She befriended him and they maintained contact through social media and exchanged numbers soon. After 3 months she invited him over for a vacation to her cabin in the woods where they could get close to nature and each other. David was the one who killed her dog mercilessly, she will not kill him easily.

As soon as they reached the cabin she drugged him with the first drink they had. David fell unconscious to the floor.

Finally, David woke up, only to find himself tied tightly to a chair. His mouth was gagged and Sarah was standing in front of him with her hands behind her. David thought that he must have got stuck in some sort of kinky sex play until Sarah revealed the sharp knife she was holding in her hand. She bent down in front of him and slowly cut off each of his toes. David screamed as hard as he could with the gag in his mouth while she purposefully cut him up slowly so he could feel the pain. She reminded him too of all the things he had done to her. She then brought nails and a hammer and hammered the nails under the nails of each of his fingers. All this while David begged her to kill him, so finally she gets wires and clamps his nipples with crocodile clips and inserts the other ends directly into the mains and electrocutes him to death. She dumps his body into a nearby river and moves on.

Now there was just Jack left, the one who held her back. She knew in which city he lived and her office had a branch there so the easiest way was to get herself transferred there and carry out everything as she had done the last two times. She had arrived there only a few days before an office party of her's. There surprisingly was Jack, invited by one of her own colleagues. "Well this a nice opportunity", Sarah thought. So, she went up to him to talk.

"Hi", she said.

"Hi! Sarah! It's been so long."

"Uh... You remember me?"

"Yes of course I do... and I am sorry. I still remember what I did to you, I still regret doing that. I even volunteer for PETA now and I am a vegetarian too."

Sarah could not process all of it, she was confused now, unable to react to this event. She suddenly took out her phone, "Excuse me!" and she left.

She was in too much of a dilemma now, whether to kill him or not. All she could think about was that he did not even touch her dog and he even regretted doing so - he remembered. She was thinking all of this while walking in front of a coffee shop where she suddenly crashed into Jack. He apologized immediately and they started talking about normal issues in life and how they were living. She had started liking the guy. He was a handsome guy too, with a medium body built. They started meeting more often, soon they were dating. Six months passed since they had started dating and Sarah was in love with Jack. They planned to go on a trekking trip one day. So both of them took leave and went off to enjoy. The trekking trips in the day were good but the nights were better.

One morning while trekking in the woods Sarah felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She looked down and there was a knife buried deep inside her, she then looked at Jack for help while falling to the ground but all she could see was Jack smiling at her. "I know you killed both of my friends and you brought me to this trip to kill me too but I am not ready to die yet!", he yelled at her while she was lying on the ground. He took out the knife and stabbed her again in the throat and started walking away from her. Somehow Sarah gathered up some courage and stood up while taking the knife out. She ran towards him from behind and slit his throat. Both of them were lying on the ground bleeding profusely. In those dying moments, she tried to say something to him but could only mouth them, "I love you!".

The End.

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