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While Talking About The "New Normal". Here's A List Of Things We Should Normalize Today

1. Normalize people not getting married and being married but not having kids. India is an independent country, and everybody has the freedom to choose. Who are we to question their choices or look at them with disdain.

2. Normalize women wearing men's perfumes, for one should do things that make them happy.

3. Normalize being an introvert. Not everyone likes to socialize and have too many friends around them. Some just need a friend or two and a peaceful life.

4. Normalize men wearing floral printed shirts. Floral isn't a feminine print, so it's high time we stop judging men flaunting their bodies in florals.

5. Normalize not saying "happy birthday" to people we don't like.

6. Normalize not picking up calls and replying to DMs on time. Everyone is trying to learn and grow in their life, so they can be busy, it's true.

7. Normalize people who can't remember dates. We are all humans, and so we aren't perfect.

8. Normalize men who can cry. Crying isn't a sign of weakness. People cry because they've been strong for too long.

9. Normalize not using any profile picture. Sometimes all we need is a little privacy.

10. Normalize seeking help from a therapist. Not everyone is willing to open up to someone known. Sometimes all they need is an unbiased opinion.

By Adity Sinha

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