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10 Things You'll Relate To If You're A Tea Addict

1. You're way too judgemental about its color.

2. Tea you prepare tastes different in the mug which isn't your favorite.

3. Without tea, your head gets heavy and you feel a concussion.

4. If you're sleepy, you need tea to stay awake. If you're wide awake, you need tea to fall asleep.

5. According to you, saying no to tea is disrespectful.

6. You aren't sure about trying different flavors because there's this thing constantly going in your mind that "What if it tastes bad".

7. Your constant ChaI Wale Bhaiya knows it all, the appropriate amount of tea leaves, sugar, everything.

8. You see "sweet biscuits with tea" as the weirdest combination in the world.

9. Tea works as an analgesic for you.

10. If you could rename yourself given the chance, you might think of these names:-

AdiTEA, SmriTEA, PrakriTEA, TEAlak, VibhuTEA etc.

By Adity Sinha

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