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5 Little things in life that give us pure happiness

1. Receiving handwritten letters from your love

Whatever anyone might say, letters are the only piece of paper filled with sentiments. They can never be compared with luxurious gifts or presents. For a fanatic, a handwritten letter from their lover can mean the whole world to them. It's a treasure for your entire life. It gives you real satisfaction. It's something that makes you feel very special and like a priority to someone.

2. Experiencing a beautiful sunset with a cup of coffee

Sunsets have a different charm altogether. We have been so much involved in the busy world that we tend to forget the elegance of mother nature. Sunsets are a sign of a new beginning. It delivers a beautiful message of hope. Terrible things end and a new beginning await. Just looking at the setting sun puts a smile on my face. My tiredness fades away within minutes.

3. Wearing Maa's saree

Mothers are the biggest blessings from God to man. Every girl wants to be a replica of her mother when she grows up. She expects herself to be dressed like her mother, behave like a mother. The moment we wear our Maa's saree, there is something different within us that is unexplainable in phrases. It's not just a piece of cloth, it's everything. It's a blessing we are wearing. The joy of it cannot be compared with any dress in our wardrobe.

4. Making others happy

Life is too short. Adding colors to someone's life makes your life more colorful. Your life holds a deep meaning which is known only to you. The smile and happiness of that person make your heart smile and your eyes shine. The joy and the happiness of bettering and supporting others are much more than any other comfort in this world.

5. Maa feeding you with her own hands

Maa ke hath ka khana is our forever favorite dish. If given an option we all would prefer Ghar ka khana and mom feeding us is like a cherry on the cake. It's not just a mere action or a verb, it's the love and affection of Maa. A little thing that makes our day and life so much more beautiful and joyous. Maa was, is, and will always be special and so is her hath ka khana.

By Haseena Patel

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