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Steps To Take Care Of Your Heart

1. Heal: No matter how strong you are, there are something's that always make you vulnerable. Don't run away from them, because the longer you'll run, the more it will dig into your soul.

Face it and accept it, only then you will heal your heart. The kind of healing you have been searching for months.

2. Evolve: Never be afraid to do things that your heart says but your mind doesn't. Not every time our mind is right..!! Sometimes we need to explore new things and people so that we can evolve in ways we thought we never could. That feeling of relief that your heart will get, will be beyond any butterfly or goosebump experience.

3. Achieve: Achieve things that'll make your heart go Adele from Pankaj Udaas. Not things that can be replaced but things that'll nurture your soul. Things like those beautiful sunset clouds that make you feel blessed for being part of this world or those heartbreaking scenes you see in slums while watching a movie or crying over some romantic and upsetting scenes from your go-to movie. Not everything is to be achieved for tangible values, sometimes we need intangible things to make ourselves an Asset.

4. Rise: Those shallow depths you have been hiding, echo your true self. Listen to them, rise again with your imperfections and fill that void with every bit of that shallowness that's been holding you back. You'll find that solace, you used to talk about in the shallow. That feeling of being shallow and yet completely you, unapologetically accepting that you had to go deep so that your shallow echoes will rise you again for being who you are.

5. Tender: How can a heart cannot be tender in a world where being tender is not a weakness but a crime..!!

Be tender with everyone and everything but before tender on your heart. Because the only thing that matters in this world is how your heart is. Because the more everyone gets advanced, the more this tenderness will become rare and souls like you..!! They'll become an inspirational antique wonder that the world will ever see.

Never let your gentle and tender heart suffer because of things it can't control.

Instead, make it wonder in those untouched feelings and adventures that'll make it what it's meant to be.

Alive, Courageous & Beautiful.

By Aqsa

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