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Clapping can be a sign of appreciation but this time our doctors don't want this - The Project Quote

Italy has 2nd ranking while India has 145th ranking in World Health care ranking and our Prime Minister thinks that our doctors want people to clap and bang thalis as appreciation.

No, clapping can be a sign of appreciation but this time our doctors don't want this.

Indeed our doctors want personal protection equipment, adequate healthcare infrastructure support (public+private), manpower testing kits, more and more testing centers, adequate testing so that they can find virus-infected ones at the right time, better quarantine (not just for 12 hours) till next relief announcement, correct awareness across India.

They need the government to take care of the doctors because the crisis is going to increase manifolds if they don't take it seriously. Already doctors are getting infected due to insufficient facilities in government medical colleges and hospitals.

Can you imagine what the condition will be if the doctor themselves gets quarantined??

Take care of yourself and be safe until the next relief announcement.

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