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An Open Letter To The Off Record Murderers (Black Marketers)

Do you guys even have that minimal sense of humanity or for you some penny has more gravity than someone's life? You guys also have a family right?

Imagine your daughter, son, mother or any other family member in the need of medical appliances and someone asks you triple the amount of it. Even after trying to understand your side of the story we cannot conclude anything from it.

Have you ever tried to visualize the patient on the death bed trying his best to breathe, to be more precise, trying to survive because he has his entire family dependant on him?

Have you ever imagined the groom to be losing his bride to be just a week before their wedding? Have you ever tried to think about that mother who lost his young son, the only reason for the survival of a mother is her child, and just because of your small rapaciousness for the money you took a life.

Yes, you took his life, you are a murderer off records, no-one will arrest you for that, no-one would blame you for that but in the eyes of that mother, you killed her son, in the eyes of the lord you are the killer of a young soul.

God forbid, but what if something wrong goes with you tomorrow? What will you do with that money? Do you think your family will be able to cherish that money-losing a member of their family? Do they even know about these? Don't you feel ashamed when someone cries in front of you begging to reduce the price you are demanding and still you don't even value those tears of people. "Tears of a family member of a person lying on death bed is more important than any other thing" but do you even know it's worth it?

The situation demands empathy and humanity. Can you please come to your senses and act like a human? Do you even realize how blessed you are that you are capable of saving lives? Why are you turning it into a curse?

You think you are doing business right?

Yes you are right you are doing the business of life and the irony is that is not your life.

From someone who is losing the belief in humanity because of you.

By Dipanwitaa Prusty & Adarsh Kumar

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