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Conversations That I Love The Most

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

i. I love our conversations where

i learn something new about you

some previously undiscovered detail, a tiny one,

which makes me understand you more,

something I would think about

and smile, because it solved a little puzzle.

ii. I love our conversations about

absolutely nothing in particular, where we

ramble on about what some third cousin said,

I love the natural comfort between us

as we debate and laugh about everything,

our happy bubble feels impenetrable.

iii. I love the conversations about

specific incidents in your life,

the nice ones and the sad ones, as well

because I get to see your eyes light up

as you describe every happy detail and

I get to hold you tight through the hard ones.

iv. I love the conversations about

specific incidents in my life, too

because I get to relive the joyful moments

and talking about the tough parts seems easy,

because I've got you beside me

quietly cheering me on and having my back.

v. I love our conversations which

are part of our routine, the ones where

you call to check-in and I know

you have stepped outside to talk, just like I have,

we talk about our day and we talk about lunch,

a quick 'love you' and just like that, my day looks up.

By Yamini

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