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Dear Damon Salvatore, Thank you for showing us the extent one can go for the person they love

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Dear Damon Salvatore,

Sometimes, thinking of the fact that you're only a fictional character makes me heartbroken. Not just because of your charismatic presence in the show and your beautiful blue eyes, but because you made me believe that love is worth fighting for.

You made me realize that being rude to the people we care about is one of the ways to tell them 'I love you!' You made me believe that no one is born evil, circumstances can make you one, the wrong company can make you one.

Yes, you've done many horrible things; the things which couldn't be forgiven ever in a human lifespan. But who comes here with a 'perfect' tag? You erased every worst deed of yours with your selfless nature.

The amount of betrayal you got in your entire existence on this earth is not once or twice but infinite. It was always your vexation, anguish, misery, and pain that never allowed you to accept the happiness you deserved because you couldn't be selfish with the people you loved. You destroyed things, relationships because that way it was easier for you.

The episodes where you cried and felt the pain of Rose's death as well as of Alaric's will be my forever favorites. You know quite well that your humanity was in denial albeit that damn switch wasn't turned off.

You were always in sharp contrast with your brother, who was the 'good guy', but you both couldn't live without each other, could you? Your bromance was worth watching the entire show.

And when you said, "because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer, is not gonna make up for the fact that the only thing you've left is a hole in your life where that somebody that you care about used to be," you know, you weren't like the other people who know how to show grief and remorse; you'd rather hide your feelings, you preferred to stay unbothered like you didn't care, while silently sharing your pain alone at the cemetery of your drinking buddy because you thought that's much matured. It made sense to protect everyone being a big brother, but the pain never ceased, does it?

The constant urge to become a human again from a miserable vampire grows in you stronger the moment you met Elena, isn't it? You're the 'bad guy' who became 'the better man' for your one true love. And yes, you found peace, after all, having led a happy long human life with your girl and finally meeting your brother once again in the Salvatore kingdom of Heaven, was exactly what 'at peace' you were talking about looking like!

Thank you for showing us the extent one can go for the person they love.

Thank you for telling us that we can silently love and care about someone without them knowing about it because, in the end, it's all worth it.

Thank you for portraying amazing selfless friendships with Bonnie and Alaric.

Thank you for being the best 'bad guy' vampire ever!

All the love and admiration,

Your yet another obsessed human.

By Deblina Chakraborty

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