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MOVIE RANT- The Amazing Spider-Man 2

"We're not on different paths. You're my path. And you're always gonna be my path." ~Peter Parker

Oh, how do I tell you that the pearls in my eyes, heart and every atom of my soul and body are yours; pearls of happiness, love, dedication, and my exquisite survival? it's as if those pearls were searching for you, but now that they've found you, the brilliance has become heavenly.

when i look at you, i wonder how someone before me didn't notice your pure soul, which tries to spread positivity and joy to others. you make me happier than one could ever be. i am so glad i met you as before, i had no idea what love was and no one had ever told me what it was like to feel valuable. my thread of life is attached to you, and i am grateful for that.

how could i ever leave you when you are both my journey and my destination? every deed, every accomplishment, every moment of my life connects with you, so i never see myself standing alone because i know that even if we are apart, my purpose in life will always lead me to the love of my life, to the one i don't know if i deserve but who makes me believe in myself more than anyone else.

i know that sounds trite and ridiculous, but is it alright to announce to the world that you are the only person who can handle me well? isn't this selfish? i couldn't even imagine anyone else being with me. i just want you.

By Bhumika and Bhavika

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