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Happy Birthday Tom Hardy | Open Letter | The Project Quote

Dear Tom Hardy

While some say he is one of the last of the stars, some say, he is the most underrated genius of all-time, the one, we will never see again. In this fame-hungry world, where everyone is fighting to be renowned by their faces, this man prefers to hide his face behind masks and let his actions do the talking.

The man, the myth, the legend, Tom Hardy. He has redefined the madness behind method acting, and the way he challenged the physical boundaries of his characters time and again tells us that being an actor isn't all about flashes and fame.

From being called 'one of the greatest actors of all-time' by the legendary director Christopher Nolan to being specially mentioned by Leonardo DiCaprio in his Oscar-winning speech.

From dropping our jaws with his performance in Mad Max to breaking our beloved Batman in pieces in The Dark Knight Rises and still making us fall in love with Bane's pain. Then finally engraving his name on our hearts with his ground-breaking performance as Eddie Brock in Venom.

But you know what Tom, we love you more for the kind of human you are instead of the never-denying fact that you're a cinematic genius. Your journey from being addicted to alcohol and cocaine during your mid-20s to spending time in rehab.

While many people had declared that you had tarnished your whole life, you stood up, loaded the lessons you learned from your mistakes and started a journey to be a great man. You saw a dream of becoming an actor and work hard, day and night, with the goal that one day you'll look back and feel proud by the mistakes you made because those wrongdoings are the ones, who had redefined you as human.

Because as humans, we are born to make mistakes, but only true and courageous people can overcome those evil deeds and greed.

Thank you for inspiring us with your principles and entertaining us with your acting genius


By Rishabh Naudiyal

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