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How to identify toxic people and how to stay away from them

  • They will always try to look down on you and mock you for your achievements.

  • They will always make it a point that you are not good enough or you are not worth it. Any achievement of yours isn't a big deal for them.

  • These kinds of people try to indulge in an unnecessary argument with you to spoil your mood and to put every blame on you.

  • They hardly apologize. For them, it's always you who did something wrong. And even if they do apologize, either they don't mean it, or they try to drill it into your head that you made them behave like that.

  • Break off your friendship with these kinds of people. Don't be afraid to stay alone. Being alone is a power that very few can understand. And being alone is better than being in bad company.

  • These kinds of people spoil your positive aura. You feel demotivated in their presence, and they fill your mind with negative thoughts.

  • They don't respect you and try to make fun of you in front of other people. Your feelings and thoughts hardly matter to them.

  • These kinds of people try to take advantage of your goodness. They gossip about you behind your back. They dislike you because they are intimidated by you, and it bothers them that they can't be like you.

  • Never rely on people like them. Never share your secrets with them because they spread it like wildfire and make you a laughing stock. They never miss an opportunity to humiliate and manipulate you. Cut off all ties with them, and you'll do perfectly fine.

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