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Hum Tum: A whisper of sweet little nothings | Song Synopsis | The Project Quote

You’re sitting by the window of your room, curled up in a blanket, sipping hot coffee.

It’s pouring outside and you feel like listening to a warm song that makes you think about love.

What is the song you would go to in this situation?

To me, it is "Hum Tum"

Set in an atmosphere of romantic rains, this song makes you feel all sorts of cozy.

Loaded with a composition that is hum-worthy and lyrics that are beautifully candid, Hum Tum is like a bubble you step in where there’s just enough place for two people—you and your lover, (just hum & tum)!

During the five minutes of the song, there is nothing else that you can see, or hear or think, they take you to your happy place, beside your someone special, to the cutest of daydreams.

When you start falling deep in love with someone, you slowly start to see yourself spending your life with them, crossing life’s little milestones with them, and growing old with them.

You start painting a picture of how your life would look with them being around, forever beside you, very much like the way the two protagonists of the movie are shown painting their own, in the visuals of the song.

You feel like you want the person around, so they take care of you, so you can take care of them, pamper them, embrace them in tight hugs, love them and just be with them.

Hum Tum is a symphony of two lovers who are drenched in the rain of love and are finally letting their guard down to admit the ways they want to express their love to each other.

The song is composed in a way that feels as if the half-sentence of a lover is being completed by his beloved.

It is a conversation that is sweet, caring, dreamy, sensual, and romantic.

When you listen to it, you feel exactly how you would have felt if the one you love whispered sweet little nothings, slowly, in your ear on a rainy night.

This song is specially made to cheer you up and raise your monsoon experience by a notch, and I hope you don’t miss out on it this monsoon!


By Rajul Shukla

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