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Things "Little Things" Taught Us

1. It's essential to lead your individual lives.

When two people are in a relationship, often it's forgotten about the individual lives. The relationship with yourself is the foundation of all other connections in life. Adjustments and compromises are part of every relationship but they should never hamper your dreams, careers, and what you think to be.

2. Love in every form matters.

Romantic relationships have been glorified to such an extent that often we take our relationship with friends, family, other relations for granted. This show teaches you to be for your parents as they are also going through changes which we can't see, be there for your friends and keep the special bond and be there whenever they need you.

3. There is no such thing as "perfect".

Many a time in a relationship, we try to be someone who we are not. But relationships are nothing like this. They are a total sum of trust, fights, misunderstanding, communication, anger, and reconciliation. As we all know, beauty lies in imperfections, and it's totally okay to be perfectly imperfect.

4. Food is the best therapy.

Instead of choosing fancy gifts and flowers, food is easy to bring a smile to our face. Who could better make me understand this? Rather than Biryani monster and Momo. From making each other's day by sending a food parcel to making pithla bhakri, I have agreed that yes, food has to be the best therapy.

5. Long distance relationship survives.

Long-distance isn't at all easy. Obstacles occur and sometimes they tend to get extended till a certain period of time that we start to assume things. But being in distance with someone and being distant are two different things. And that's what is important. Obviously, it comes with changes, but it's necessary to talk about it and find your home back once again.

6. Uncomfortable things increases comfort.

Instead of keeping things in mind and starting to behave differently, we should talk it out with our partners. It may get complicated, but it's necessary to share. It's necessary to accept your mistakes and discuss your differences. It's about fighting and saying what was in your mind then just avoiding it.

7. We are not extraordinary people.

As individuals, you are the opposite. The way you both look at the world is so different. It's obvious everyone is different in their way. But despite all the differences and issues, working things out, discussing and listening, understanding is each other is what makes us extraordinary.

8. Love is all about growth.

Love is about growing together. When two individuals grow together, the roots of love get stronger and better. That is when distance loses its existence, and it turns forever. Love is when silences also feel good with the person when they bring a smile on your face instantly when you find a home in a person. Love is all about supporting each other, correcting them when they are wrong, and motivating them. It's about being a better version of yourself together.

9. In the end it's all about little things.

It’s about being best friends with your partner. Love is all about little things and tiny efforts. Either sending biryani to biryani monster on rough days or arranging mutton cutlet gravy for your Momo! It's about lazy Sundays and going back to familiar places to remember the good times. It’s about playing “Ek din aap yu hi mil Jayenge, to remember your engagement night. These are the little things that add up to make most of our imperfect lives.

By Anagha Fulewar

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