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Iktara - Of The Dormant Love And Unspoken Verses

This song defines how the 'love' that is dormant, when remains unexpressed, which one yearns but does not give it the form of words, can be crazy and painful at times.


O re manwa tu toh baavra hain

Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hain

Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte


The heart is like the unexplored fathoms of the sea. The thoughts like the unnavigable depths that one can't read easily and love lives like a pearl, deep within the sea of heart, enclosed within the oyster of superficial emotions. Sometimes the love weaves dreams of a comforting future and sometimes it destroys the dream too.


Jo barse sapne boond boond

Nainon ko moond moond

Kaise mein chaloon

Dekh na sakoon

Anjaane raaste


The dreams rain down from the eyes, shattered and obscured with clouds of separation, of pain. The heart weaves stories that are dreamy, the eyes are filled with the flood of hopes and those unfulfilled dreams. The hopes, the future, and the life is blurred in the pain and in the tears of that dormant love that remains unspoken of and unexpressed.

//Goonja sa hain koi iktara iktara//

The essence in the intensity of love and the pain in it hypnotize the heart with its tune. The tune that plays for long and long and that whose melody never ends.


Dheeme bole koi iktara

Goonja sa hain koi iktara


The tune says the saga of love softly, touching and caressing the soul. The tune playing never loses its melody, playing and playing in the heart for eternity.

By Anusruta

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