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Jealous Jawaani! Who are we not jealous of?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

What things are done by others doesn't make us jealous?

Everyone who is jealous does not necessarily know the spelling of jealous!

Let's not get jealous of the jealous people around us because feeling jealous might make you jealous.

Everything in our life is been taught to us since childhood when we were kids but you know what, we never learned or were made to learn how to be jealous or make ourselves jealous of others who are much advanced than us in the things we do or are willing to do.

Competition led by our parents leads to the first step towards being jealous. A friend of ours gets maximum marks then you got, is a step of getting progress in process of been jealous of our friends, so basically it's our day to day life achievements that led us to the elevator of jealousy. Some friends, some neighbors, some family friends, and most importantly the relatives all play an important role in getting success in the field of been jealousy. Some things that we always want are also someone else wishing the same and if they succeed in getting those things before then you, then surely you are jealous of them.

Been jealous is okay until and unless you are also somebody's reason to be jealous. Sometimes it might seem very safe to be jealous but we never come to know the side effects of them until and unless you are forced to do something in order to find peace by doing harm to others. In fact, it's really hard to believe that when you get more than what you expected, even your life is jealous of you and suddenly something bad makes you sad and ruins your mood.

This jealousy has no age, no gender, no time, no place, and no feeling to occur. You can be jealous of anyone at any time, at any place with a small little reason that it doesn't make you happy anymore. Life doesn't need a reason to make you feel jealous because if you notice sometimes it's you yourself who is jealous of ourselves self that's the reason why we do complain about the things we have in life and rest things that we don't have. Jawaani is also one of the reason what makes you jealous of yourself when you grow old.

Aren't ugly people jealous of beautiful ones?

Aren't introverted people jealous of the extrovert ones?

Aren't old people jealous of young ones?

Aren't fat people jealous of the slim one?

Aren't unsuccessful people jealous of the successful ones?

Aren't poor people jealous of rich ones?


Aren't the short height people jealous of the tall ones?

In this world full of jealousy how can someone who says, "I'm not jealous of you!" not be jealous of you.

So let's not be jealous but happy of the things that others have when you don't and not give jealousy but empathy and sympathy when others don't have what you have. This is the only way to make the mean word 'jealous' more jealous of you. Save the beautiful relations that you have, just by removing the word 'jealous' from your dictionary.

Life is beautiful when you have no jealousy from others and so do the others from you.

Jealousy is not one of the reasons that lead to fights but is something that leads to many things unsaid.


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