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Life Lessons from Wake Up Sid | 11 Years of Wake Up Sid | The Project Quote

1. Live an independent life

From the very first day in the new city Mumbai to the day she gets her first job to the day she gets her first apartment to the day her first article is published in Mumbai Beat to the day she confessed about her first love, Ayesha Banerjee teaches us how to live independently.

Ayesha’s struggle to find a good home, struggle to get published in a magazine, struggle to clear the mess Sid creates, we learned almost everything about living an independent life.

All these struggles are worth it when you receive your first pay-cheque and pay your rent and buy stuff with your own money! That’s what Ayesha taught us. To live life independently.

2. Scoring Good Marks is not everything!

Sid failed in his exams. He left his home and went to live with his friend Ayesha. He hasn’t figured out what he will do yet. But at the end of this movie, we see how Sid figured out his career and how he started earning. Even after he failed in exams. Your scorecard is just a piece of paper. All that matters after all are one’s skills and talent.

3. Living in the moment

Sid enjoys every moment of his life. He hangs out with friends, go to parties, vacations. They enjoyed it a lot. What you learn at your college or school isn’t going to last forever. But the memories you create in your college will stay with you forever. Wake Up Sid teaches us to live in the moment. Go partying, get drunk, travel, eat, do everything which makes you happy. Instead of worrying about the future, live in the present.

4. Your family is your first love

Sid left his home after a fight with his father. He was living with his friend Ayesha. His parents didn’t know where he was. But his mom figured it out and visited Ayesha’s home just to check where his son is living. He also offered Ayesha money for taking care of Sid, but Ayesha denied it. She left a box of his favorite fruit Mangoes for Sid. Even though Sid insulted her and left his home, his mother came to check how he is doing. It teaches us that no matter how much we fight with our parents, they will always love us, they will always care. And we should respect them too. We learned that when Sid went to his dad to give him his first pay-cheque!

5. Failure is not always a bad thing

Sid failed in exams. He broke his friendship. He fought with the parents and left his home. But all these taught him life lessons. He learned how to be independent. He learned how to cook, how to wash clothes and iron them. He got a job. In short, his failure made him independent. So failure is not always a bad thing. It teaches us something.6. Grabbing the OpportunityAyesha had her goals clear when she came to Mumbai. She wanted to become a writer. She had researched about Mumbai Beat, her dream company. Even though the position of a writer wasn’t available at Mumbai Beat, she applied for the post of an assistant to editor-in-chief. She grabbed the opportunity. And at the end, her article got published in Mumbai Beat.

The same goes for Sid. He could have easily got a good position in his father’s company. But he chose to intern with Mumbai Beat, just to follow his interest. He grabbed the opportunity and eventually, everything fell into place.

7. Follow your passion

The most important lesson Wake Up Sid teaches us is that we should always follow our passion. Sid didn’t know he was passionate about photography at the beginning. He used to like taking photos but he never thought of taking it as a profession. But while he was still searching for the job/ career option, he kept taking photos. And which ultimately helped him get a job as a photographer in a magazine. Do not follow the crowd. Do what you love. Just follow your passion and the rest will fall into place.

8. Love is blind

When Ayesha met Sid, she was so clear that Sid wasn’t her type of guy. She wanted a type of guy which was the exact opposite of Sid. She wanted a guy who was independent, mature, knew where his life is going. She wanted a guy with his life figured out. Sid was opposite to that. But in the end, Ayesha fell in love with Sid. Love doesn’t check criteria. Love just happens. That’s why it is said, love is blind.


By Srilekha Mitra

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