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Little things I love about December | The Project Quote

1. Oversized comfy clothes

I'm always a sucker for oversized clothes. Colorful, huge sweaters always hugging me in a warm embrace. I have those trendy sweatshirts but I always come back to the woolen sweater dadi knit for me: it's old, but it feels like home.

2. A cup of adrak wali chai

Not coffee. Not hot chocolate. Nothing fancy. Just evenings when my entire family sits together for evening tea and that's something I look forward to every day.

3. Shaadi

For any Indian household, December is equivalent to Shaadi season. Dressing up and wearing those beautiful jhumkas and stealing ma's clothes is definitely a ritual. (Also, forever waiting for my Bollywood moment xD)

4. Snuggling in Blankets

The struggles of getting up on a winter morning and those 5 minutes of extra sleep we all need in those thick, cozy blankets are definitely my favorite.

5. Christmas

Blame it on all the romcoms I grew up watching, but I love Christmas. The holiday season, the lighting, Christmas tree and obviously cookies( you can never have enough cookies) and cake.

6. Having Icecream

If you've never had Icecream in the freezing cold of December, you are definitely missing out. Having an icy cold stick during winter hits different.

7. Fuzzy Socks

Come December, and we get a reason to wear the cutest of socks. I love to stock up on cute socks and end up losing one of the two in a pair. If you're a socks hoarder like me, you know how heartbreaking that is.

8. A Ray of Hope

December, being the last month, is the end of the year and also a step towards hope. It is a symbol of a fresh start, a better year and so many better things to achieve in life.

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