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Open Letter to someone whom I used to date - The Project Quote

Dear someone whom I used to date,

We met, started conversing and finally I got my special someone in you.

It wasn't easy since day 1 for me to exist in your life as a friend when my heart was aware that it had fallen in love with you

Our love story has always been a unique one, it was messy, complicated, and sweet, all at the same time, our meetings, our bond, it was about my unconfessed feelings, which I always hid, because I never wanted to lose you. I wasn't even ready to accept you will ever give up on me.

But it was already mentioned in destiny, the confessions, the urge to stay with each other, the love, and turning of our love story into my one-sided love story.

It wasn't easy for me to let you go, but I was determined to never hold onto you forcibly. You didn't love me anymore and I couldn't attempt to make you love me again

It wasn't easy even days before you blocked me, my heart got shattered into pieces, I was mending since the day you went away, leaving behind a void, which can't be filled.

I wish I could text or call you, ask you if you could come back, but I will not.

Honestly, I do still love you, there exist feelings which won't fade but then I know that you don't respect me, so what's the use of us being connected, when we don't respect each other. You fell out of love, and that's natural, I could not, because not everyone can move on so easily, especially the way you did.

I still miss you, the memories we cherished, and how happily "us" existed, the past was beautiful, you were my dream come true, there are days when I get broken into pieces, witnessing panic attacks, feeling depressed, to such an extent that even music failed to give me peace, but then I realized, you have moved on, and what makes me happy is that you are happy, and I should be happy rather than holding on things which won't come back.

The love for you is still the same, at times I just stare at your profile waiting to witness a smile instead of a blank DP but then you never wished to have me in your life, you were never attached after we parted ways, you never tried of holding me back again, and finally, I have decided to make you free, free from my love, free from the guilt of leaving me all here heartbroken.

I know you as a person who gave me a lesson for not making someone an addiction, also as an inspiration for proving myself as a better human.

I have preserved a part of my heart which still loves you, wishes got your happiness, concerns about your health, but not anymore performs the function of dreaming of us together.

You have already found your home in a human, and chances are there that I will too follow suit, Please never unblock me again.

Take care

Not Yours.


By Tanya Vatsa

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