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Open Letter to the future love of my life - The Project Quote

To the future love of my life;

Hello Love.

I know we haven't found each other, yet, and that's alright. And you don't have to find me, right now, not so soon. I know I might sound selfish, but honestly, I've looked places for you, everywhere I go. Every single place, in search of you, in search of my forever. But I know, that right now, it's not the right time.

We’re still young, and craving for our freedom, our independence, and most of all, peace. It’s alright not to find me yet because I'm still working on myself, still messed up, and not easy. I'm still on the journey to find my self and what I want from life. Only then, when I accomplish all that, I can begin to fall for you.

I don’t know when we will meet, where we will meet, but I know our fate is together, that we are supposed to fall for each other. I know that you will be all familiar, and we'd just match.

So I hope you don't give up too soon, and be here when we both are ready. I hope you will wait for me. So for now, don't worry, you will find me, until then, have fun, achieve everything you want to pursue, you love. Find your desires. And I promise, when you find me, I'll be here, all ears to listen to those life stories.

By this time, I will be ready.

I will be ready to fall, to be in love. After all this while, we'd be ready to tell that we deserve each other. By then, I would have found myself. And I will be ready to give you all of me, that you were longing for.

So, I'll be waiting for you.

Take your time.


Your future love.


By Collective Letters

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