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Recipe of a long-distance relationship: The Project Quote

Dish Name

  • Long-distance relationship


  1. Two lovers

  2. A bowl of kilometers

  3. Two mobile phones

  4. Two teacups of 'missing each other'

  5. A tablespoon of jealousy and insecurity each

  6. Fights and quarrels according to your taste.


  1. Take the two lovers in a pan and pour the bowl of 'distance' between them. Now watch the lovers sizzle as the distance continues to boil.

  2. Add the two teacups of 'missing each other' to fry them in longing and yearning for each other's faces and touch.

  3. Lowering the flame of their love, now add two 'mobile phones', just to give a taste of closeness.

  4. As you begin to notice the color of the lovers changing, add a tablespoon of 'insecurity and jealousy'. Make sure they spread evenly.

  5. Add a pinch of 'quarrels and fights' (or add it according to your taste) and watch the lovers zap and frizzle.

  6. Finally, take the lovers out in a plate and garnish with 'doubt' and 'confusion'.

And your long-distance relationship is ready!

Quite short no?


By Tarannum Saxena

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