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Starting over is scary but in the long run, you'll realize it was exactly what you needed | TPQ

Need. Crave. Habit. Words we use not only for addiction but also for people we have a hard time letting go. Be it a place we've lived, a school we've attended, friends we've made, or someone we've dated.

Moments are shared, bonds are built, memories are created. The pain associated with loss can be tremendous. At the same time, letting go of something you've been holding onto tightly, maybe the very thing you need to realize just how much potential you have, how much you can grow unrestricted, and simply, how happy you can be. The worst part is, often, we don’t even realize it till we’re in too far and too deep.

Familiarity makes us feel so comfortable and safe that we are willing to overlook flaws and ignore faults. We willingly or unwillingly normalize certain behavior that is otherwise frowned upon. Sometimes you feel your investment in something is so large, you just have to see it through, even if you're not as happy as you could be.


Starting over is scary. Also, exhausting.

But in the long run, a few years down the line, you may realize it was exactly what you needed, to find yourself.

“All this time I was finding myself, and I, didn't know I was lost.” - Avicii


By Anmol Goyal

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