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Tamasha ~ the not so same story to find ourselves

We all are running because everyone is stumbling yet running. Chasing success despite the unknown about our inner soul desires and capabilities.

The life race takes off differently and has a different route to travel and the heart seeks another path.

Both clashed to make our dreams apart.

From all the stereotypical expectations of the world, there's actually something invisible in our life.

Ved, a storyteller and an actor trapped in a monotonous and innocent life. All his childhood, he grew up listening to stories of Heer-Ranjha, Laila- Majnu, Raam-Sita, and Lankapati Raavan. And now he grew up arouse by the alarm clock and became a responsible corporate mechanical product manager, who wakes up, ties his tie, then goes to the office, do some casual good morning, good morning, stoping lift for someone. R-E-P-E-A-T, R-E-P-E-A-T.

The same story repeats every day, everywhere. This well-behaved boy is imprisoned in the tedious race of the world, evolved as the person what he is certainly not, performing as a villain in his favorable life, distancing screams of his inner soul.

Masked all his capabilities, desires, inner talent, and dreams, he came out to be the person the whole world admires but his soul honestly doesn't aspire.

"Ved, where's the hidden Don?" Tara said.

"It was all lie," said Ved.

"No, now what am confronting from days is a lie, it's artificial, all decency and righteousness are fake. Ved is someone different in this world of ordinary people. He is someone who sticks his face in the river and can drink in like a beast. He is someone who talks to the mountains.

He is someone who runs like a crazy one in the streets full of people.

He is something more, He has masked his real personality and I already have this. He is not real," said Tara.

So this real conversation again gave birth to the "Real Ved". Got hurt by rejection, but found himself in his lost world of decency.

Spent time talking about tara to himself.

Sometimes cried and sometimes laughed.

What his heart seeks, no one cares.

But what is status shows, everybody cares.

"Kise chaiye man ka sona, aankh ki moti?

Kise padi hai andar kya hai?"

"Kisi ko bhi nahi," answered my inner self after watching "Tamasha". So, it's time for you to seek out your heart.

The storyteller never realizes what his heart pursues until he met Tara.

Tara was really the star in his life, who lighten up and opened his heart to accept who he really is.

Take a step ahead and tell what lies in your heart, don't be mediocre, which you don't deserve. Don't end up your life, regretting not taking risks.

"Tumhari kahani hai, pasand nahi aayi ending? Toh badal do."

Don't rub down "Bachpan" in you, you are special if not for people then try to become for yourself.

If love is real, that person can carve the best out of you.

This movie taught us about the passion that should be followed despite people's failure to understand it and parent's drawback to realize what your heart really wants, take a step ahead to tell what lies in your heart.

It's about that true love that knows you more than you do, who supports you to do things that are right for you.

This movie is just everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Harshita Purohit

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