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The Fight Is Against Sexual Harrasment, Do Not Politicise The Issue : Gargi College Students

In 2019, The annual fest of Gargi college saw a massive breach of security. The paucity of bouncers and police inside and outside the college caused a rowdy crowd to enter the college. Post that, individuals present inside faced sexual and physical harassment. In light of the same, an official complaint was filed with the ICC. The complaint was dismissed as a mere security issue, not a sexual harassment complaint. Post that, no elections were held for the post of the student coordinator of the Internal Complaint Cell. The individuals involved in the administration of the ICC have been holding the post for more than 3 years, which violates the consitutional value of ICC.

In a follow up, a pass system was introduced this year. On the third day, only the men with passes were supposed to enter the college. However, after 3:30 pm, every ten minutes, crowds of 300-400 individuals would push the gates and enter the college. The administration also showed its laxity by opening gates from time to time. Although the entry was to be stopped at 4:30, the influx continued till late. The police force and the RAF did nothing to control the situation. The non teaching staff conveniently turned a blind eye to the situation.

Meanwhile, approximately 8000-10,000 individuals accumulated in the campus. The individuals jumped the gates, sat on the stalls of vendors, and damaged the property of Gargi actively. Men stood in gangs and ogled at women, groped them, tried to feel them up, pushed them, and touched them throughout the concert.

Aggrieved students went to the principal to receive her apathy and insensitive comments.

Communication became impossible. People formed human chains to move from one area to another.

After the concert was over, the men followed women, catcalled them, and forced them to reveal their names and Instagram ids.

When the students tried to approach the principal with what was happening on ground, she said that the students shouldn’t come to the fest if they felt unsafe.

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