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Open Letter to Chadwick Boseman, "Black Panther" star who died of cancer today, aged 43 - TPQ

Dear Chadwick Boseman,

Well, till yesterday I also happened to recognize you as BLACK PANTHER, like literally, everyone else did. I remember watching the movie for the first time, also being my first movie ever of Marvel Comic Series, I sat with a thought of using it as a distraction and stood up lost in awe of your brilliance. Lost in the story of your life, which I had no clue was just the beginning of an empowering legacy. And today, I happen to recognize you as Chadwick the Black Panther, because you were a true hero, and you made him look like one too.

Everyone can be a hero of their story, you need to choose for yourself, is what you truly taught millions of us. When you, King T’Challa accepted the throne after your Dad, like many children you must have felt the burden of the expectations your people had from you, but you dared to overcome everything and rise as bold and as strong as a Panther. You proved that a good man with a good heart can be a good king too. You believed in power, the power which didn’t play its role by one man, king for you is made by its people, the strength of the family and the tradition followed for generations.

Wakanda being the home for the oldest people on the planet, living with a high-tech lifestyle in Africa, hidden from the world, was always in good hands because you were the protector of your people. You believed in them, you trusted the women around you and made them believe in the capabilities they held within. You said once, that "in times of crisis the wise build bridges and the foolish build barriers", and you proved it by welcoming people in need and even sacrificing your home for them. For me, that is a true hero, right there.

Known for your amazing work as our black panther, you worked for several other roles in the film industry, wrote plays, and even directed outstanding pieces of creativity. You shot the films while suffering and battling with your life, for life. You were a man building his legacy throughout this time, while we were cheering up for what you created with so much awe and ease. Being a part of the first-ever African superhero comics, you laid the foundation of a legacy in time.

Frozen in time you remain as a legacy to be remembered forever.

A loving fan, hoping she wrote how much she admired you a bit sooner, but happily still believing that you could excess this letter with Shuri beside you from Wakanda where you finally decided to hide from this hideous world.



By Simran Kaur

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