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Reasons that make Gullak-S3 a must-watch for everyone

Reasons which make Gullak S3 a must-watch for everyone.

1. Its storyline

You know there are several movies, and web series to which you can relate with your family, friends, and sometimes even with your love life but "Gullak" has a whole different vibe. Because Gullak deals with the real-life struggles of being in a middle-class family and not only the struggles but also the little things and gestures which make a common man happy.

Gullak S3 has successfully been able to keep up the essence of the series by vibrantly portraying the entire lifestyle of a middle-class family.

2. Cast

Gullak follows the lives of Mishras, a small family of four, in a quaint North Indian Village backdrop. The entire cast has done justice with their respective characters. Be it the lead member of the family, the mother who doesn't leave any stone unturned to take care of her family, or be it the new working member of the family. Each and every one of them has beautifully portrayed the essence of what it feels like to live the life of a middle-class common man.

3. Dialogues

When it comes to dialogue narration, then there's no replacement for Gullak S3. Be it a tantrum or a very emotional scene, Gullak has always given us the best set of dialogues. The way they converse with each member of the family is so real that the audience is bound to find it very relatable to their respective lives too.

After all, it's your family, who will stand with you till the end.

4. Bonding with each member

"Passbook dekhne se bank mei paisa nhi badhta,"

"Seedhe muh bat krlene se muh teeda nhi hojata"

Naturally, a middle-class family will always quarrel over trifles, and the conclusion is always the same, the mother has to win. If she doesn't win, it's your loss. Now ask why? Because she'll be taking out her anger by delaying cooking, and here's the reason why you don't let her lose any debate.

5. Dream of every man after he gets his first salary

"Arey yar hum chahete h pehli salary thoda kharcha warcha kre thodi aiyashi kre ye kya h yaar"

Your first salary is always special, right? And if you belong to a middle-class family, then definitely yes, you would love to spend it lavishly in a way that you had always dreamt of, but when the salary comes in your hand, you feel very disappointed "ismei aiyashi kaisi hogi".

And this hurts even more than a breakup.

By Shruti

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Garima Rai
Garima Rai
Jun 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The memories of 90s kids recreated by watching this❤️

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