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To The One Who Easily Gets Attached

To the one who easily gets attached,

Having a good heart is a blessing; though the worth of the person isn't valued by this measure. This is the harsh reality in the present world. The one who has a good heart is too kind to this real world.

You get attached to anyone easily who has done well for you in any way. It is in your behavior. You can't differentiate between the good and mean people. It's hard to categorize between the good and bad ones. You do good for them despite they are not deserving of this.

'Habit' and 'attachment' are like the two sides of a coin: shiny as well as gloomy. Having the attachment or habit of the right person in your life makes you shine even brighter in your life. And having reverse gives you unmeasurable pain.

The attachment with the wrong person gives you the lifelong medication of pain, hurt, trust issues. You are the person who is adapted to stay and not leave the things when they get adverse, but sometimes it leads to massive a disaster as it imprints all the bad memories in your mind.

Surround yourself with the people that give you the power to grow. Self-love should be there even for the smallest part of your body. Cut out all the bad strings of attachment and tie the strings wisely for your future.


By Diya Sheth

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