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Types Of Love To Be Unlearnt

i. Love that isn't apologetic for the rivers you cry over a petty argument not worth picking fights over.

ii. Love that doesn't know how to plant kisses in the morning light, and waits for darkness to occupy fully.

iii. Love that shouts more authority than concern.

iv. Love that places you in confined places in the name of safekeeping.

v. Love that doesn't know how to lend ears to silences and require words for assistance.

vi. Love that embraces only inch-perfect traces and doesn't know how to surround you on blue days.

vii. Love that doesn't know how to step in someone else's shoes.

viii. Love that walks half a kilometer faster than you and throws complaints of you not catching up with their speed, lacking the strength of walking side by side.

ix. Love that claims to leave now and then in its every closing statement.

x. Love that brings more insecurities, doubts, and fears in the room it enters than love itself.

By Siddhi Mehndiratta

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