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Unsent Letter To The School Crush

Dear School Crush, You were the reason for dropping out of my physics classes in school, God I still remember the day when I saw you the first time when you were practicing for a long jump competition, and literally, my Heart had a long jump and landed on you.

The letter I’m writing this to you doesn’t exude any filmy vibes but this letter is full of emotions which is coming straight from my heart. The day we’ve parted it’s been 12 years and as the days passed I’ve started remembering you more and still I can’t stop thinking about you. But do you know how many problems I faced whenever I tried to express my unuttered love for you, I wish I could do this earlier but today I’m writing this letter to you with great courage.

I was scared that if I express my self you would start ignoring me and as usual, our classmates would start taunting me and as usual as on you by saying that you’ve rejected me and so on.

Do you remember after school was over I used to follow you from school to your house thinking that you would start loving me for doing all this but I was wrong, but I’ve done all this for you I know you never loved me but though I did and if ever you feel uncomfortable of me following you then I’m really sorry for that?

Do you know what really embarrassed me a lot getting punished in front of you and I quickly remembered the classes of Thomas sir when I used to get punished intentionally by Thomas sir and I used to feel humiliated because you have witnessed me getting punished?

I don't know but sometimes I think that on the day of farewell, when you were in front of me, and I was having the envelope in my pocket and why did not I gave my letter to you, I wish if I had dared a little that day, then today my hand would have been in your hands.

But to be honest I like you and there is not even a single day that I don’t remember you.

From The boy who had huge a crush on you.

By Atharv Ramakant Padhye

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