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Vicky Kaushal - An Actor Who Can't Be Typecast

Dearest Vicky Kaushal,

From making us cry while acting as a boy sitting on the banks of Ganga trying to move on, to making us believe that friendship is the biggest wealth a person could own by being our one and only Kamli. You are an actor who can't be typecast because every time we try fixing you in a genre you break all our assumptions, surprising us in yet another amazing role.

Where most people know you since Sanju or Raazi I was introduced to you since Masaan. Then I thought of you as a guy who would come out as the greatest gem of the art cinema but, sometime later you made me fall in love with that turquoise blue-haired man jumping through terraces to meet his love.

You feel 'home' because whatever you portray is like our own lives in front of us.

In Masaan after you burnt the dead body of the only girl you've ever loved and screamed 'Saala ye dukh kahe khtm nhi hota be' each one of us sitting in the hall could feel our hearts breaking along with yours.

In every movie dealing with an Indo-Pak issue, we've been forced to hate all Pakistani officials.

But with Iqbal, you came as a fresh air after so many portrayals of anger disrespect, and cruelty from the other nation. Iqbal was a man of innocence stuck between the love of his country and the love of his life. Through the fire in your eyes, you made all of us respect Iqbal when he prioritized his nation above anyone else. I have a crush on you ever since I stepped out of the theater watching your portrayal of a man so perfect.

And to date, I don't know it's my crush on you or your talent that draws me towards any work you do.

The wildness in your love in Manmarziyan or your expression of the difference between a man defined by society and the choice of a woman in Lust stories, each character carved more and more respect for you in our hearts.

And how can I forget Major Vihan, our fierce full tiger? When you growled, not just your soldier we too were ready enough to strike back at our enemies.

Thank you Vicky Kaushal for giving us characters to cherish and to go to as our guilty pleasures whenever we feel low.

Have a great birthday and many more years of success ahead.

But by the way

How's the Josh??

Of course high right, after all, it's your birthday.


Your fan looking forward to being left awestruck with your diversity.


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