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What happened at Gargi College on 6th February during Reverie? Statement by student.

What happened at Gargi College on 6th February during Reverie, the annual fest of the college was the negligence of security and a shameful act by patriarchal morons.

We talked with a student, and here is her statement.

It was Reverie's last day, the star night where Jubin Nautiyal performed. Entry for males were only supposed to be by the passes that were distributed to Gargi students. Each student got one pass. This was a crowd control measure that clearly failed.

Passes werent checked & hundreds of men barged inside the campus many of them werent even college students but older men. The main gates were opened by the guards to let cars in & during that time many men entered. Some also climbed the gate & the walls near the main ground.

Many of these men were drunk and/or high. They were roaming around shirtless. Hundreds of such men in a ground that isn't big enough to accommodate these many people. The crowd was suffocating.

There have been countless reports of women that have been harassed by men. Many groped, masturbated at, cat-called, teased, pushed, manhandled, stalked till the metro station and their PGs and what not.

Anyone that's been to Gargi knows how bad the network is there. There was no signal. There are jammers and with thousands of people present, it was impossible to call/SMS friends and others for help and to track their whereabouts.

The security detail FAILED at their job, and the administration didn't take the necessary steps. They were negligent and their inaction did nothing but strengthen the entitlement the pigs that entered the college premises and harassed women feel.

This is the truth of what happened at Gargi, a place that used to be my safe place. We were told not to come to college if we feel unsafe. Not to come to OUR own college to attend OUR event. The administration and principal need to be held accountable for their negligence.

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