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"When trust is broken, sorry means nothing" - Scene Analysis: Peaky Blinders

Have you ever wondered how beautiful lies can be? Warm, comforting, assuaging, heartening, uplifting, and so on. Lying is such a beautiful flair, not everyone posses.

You lie in a flick to save yourself from the hassle of life without knowing the profoundness of hurt you can cause to someone. You lie and you believe you're the hero of your story but at the same time, you've become the villain of someone's story you might not know.

You wrap your lies in such beautiful words that not for a moment, someone could stop listening to them. You think you lie and you're rescued. But do you ever realize the amount of pain you'll add to someone's day when they'll know the truth you camouflaged with lies like linen?

When someone trusts you blindly, you aren't supposed to prove them blind because when trust is betrayed once, the bitterness remains forever. You cannot expect people to put their trust in you when all the while you've been selling them lies.

Before you make someone fearful of putting their trust in people, remind yourself that you're the one they're counting on.

By Adity Sinha

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