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When You Find The Right Person, Your Heart Is Always Ready To Fight Out

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

When you find out the right person from the billions of faces living in the universe, your heart is always ready to fight out. Your heart spades in the color of love and your stomach fill with butterflies all around, bringing you into a fantasy world.

``मलमल की रातों में तू

ख्वाबों की बातों में आ

बाहों में आजा ज़रा, जानिया``

Have you ever seen the moon kissing the waves of the ocean, lighting the water giving it glitters to shine in the perfect starry night? Love gives you the same feeling that it’s true. Each night when you relax on the corner of the shore, enjoying the sound of waves kissing your feet, muting the noise, the one person you think about is them.

``छुप-छुप के धड़कनों की

सुन ले सदायें आजा

बाहों में रहले, आजा, जानिया``

In the dark nights when you withstand covering your skin into loneliness and when your body smell like a half-smoked cigarette, left empty and incomplete, they bring you rays of hope. Their touch feels you safe. Their love gives you a feeling of a home when you search for a house like a nomad.

``अब तो बातो मे रखा क्या है,

जब हर पल तेरी आंखे कहती है सौ कहानियां``

As I get a glimpse of you, your eyes give me multiple answers in the form of beautiful love stories that we weave together with each other. While your lips quiver and mutter your eyes shine bright sparkling your love for me which my heart could feel as I stare at you.

``Shut up and bounce baby, bounce

महेकी महकी हवाएं

बहेकी बहेकी जाए ये जवानियां``

I feel all the butterflies in my stomach while my heart urges you to just confess all that was in store for me deep in your heart. My hands shiver as you hold my hand and plant a kiss on my forehead whilst the entire universe blesses us as the winds and the breeze creep in with thunders thereafter.

By Harshal Sanghi and Tanya Vasta

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