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21 days lockdown is the only way to enter in 2021 - The Project Quote News

At 8 pm on 24th March PM Modi made the announcement of complete lockdown from 12 pm for the next 21 days for breaking the coronavirus chain.

The way PM Modi addresses to the public was a terrific way to reach the hearts and let his voice be heard and followed by others in a polite way. The rules of complete lockdown are strictly going to be followed so we must just stay safe at our homes.

The only thing we have been asked is to stay at our homes and if we need any eatable stuff we can get it at our homes by the government workers appointed.

These coming 3 weeks are going to decide our future which is in our hands. All we need to do is stay safe with our family. A step to the market or stores might get corona back with you at your home.

Stay safe, stay home!

Story by Ruby Rajesh Yadav

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Image Credits: CNBC

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