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4 Years Of URI Terror Attack: The Soldiers We Lost | The Project Quote

The roosters were crowing, and the sun was almost there to light-up our morning. While some people were exercising in gyms, some were sleeping tight with their families across India. But it wasn't a regular morning at the headquarters of the Indian Army at the town, URI, Baramulla District. Reason?

A severe attack by four venomous snakes in a pre-dawn ambush at the Army headquarters. While some soldiers were getting ready for their morning drill some were still sleeping, and the moment that minute hand hits that '6' on the clock, four barbaric terrorists gave Indian Army its biggest loss in the past two decades in Jammu and Kashmir.

In just 3 minutes, they have lobbed 17 grenades, sets many tents on fire, temporary fuel depot filled with hundreds of liters of petrol was lit up, which killed 14 soldiers, while the assassins shot down four in a gun battle. After hours of cat and mouse fight, the four were taken down by the soldiers. But the loss was massive, as more than 30 soldiers were severely injured. Sadly, two soldiers were scummed to their critical injuries in the hospital, bringing the death toll to 19.

Soon the news spread like wildfire across the globe, and every Indian was stunned seeing those visuals from the URI headquarters. While some prayed, some came down on streets, asking for immediate action from the government. Well, this time, they didn't disappoint us, and I still know that incredible morning, when precisely after 11 days of that horrific incident.

I was sleeping in my room, and suddenly all lights of the room were switched on. While I was still struggling to get into my senses, I heard my father saying 'Kumbhkaran uthja zara', and I was like, what's the matter because he was saying that angrily but with a big smile on his face. Now, that I was in full my consciousness, I can hear the loud voice of an anchor saying 'Bharat ke veer jawano ne ki surgical strike aur maar giraaye 150 se bhi zada aatankwadi.'

I was watching the television alongside my father, and he was talking on the phone with his close friend. With some water in his eyes, he said, 'De dia na jawab, arey maine kaha tha na tujhe ki es baar bada hoga kuch, Indian Army hai, tujhe toh pata he hai phir ki chodti nahi.'

I was smiling with pride and started sharing the news with my friends and that day felt nothing short of Independence or Republic day, the whole country bowed down to the backbone of this country once again, the soldiers. However, we should never forget the ones we lost so barbarically, and I know paying respect through our posts and stories on social media is lesser than the least.

However, it's still better than celebrating the days of winning and not mourning on the days of loss.

Rest in peace soldiers.


By Rishabh Naudiyal

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