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5 Famous Incidents Of 'Lord Krishna' From 'Mahabharata' That Teaches Us 5 Important Things - TPQ

5 Famous Incidents Of 'Lord Krishna' From 'Mahabharata' That Teaches Us Gender Equality, Classlessness, Forgiveness, Women Empowerment, Stand By What's Right

1. Gender Equality

Shikhandi, the transgender warrior in the Mahabharata is given her place of importance on the battlefield by Krishna. When no other man would be ready to have Shikhandi in his army because of Shikhandi's gender, it was when, Sri Krishna came forward and pitted her against the great warrior, Bhishma. Shikhandi, who was a great woman named, Amba in her previous birth, had committed suicide after Bhisma had destroyed her life by abducting her.

2. Classlessness

When Krishna went to meet Dhritharashtra with the peace proposal, one last time, he accepted the hospitality of Vidura and his wife, Sulabha. In doing so, Krishna spurned the royal hospitality of Dhritarashtra and Duryodhana. Both Vidhura and Sulabha were from a low caste, but Krishna did this to teach everyone that classlessness is the worst thing we can have in society.

3. Forgiveness

Sri Krishna's aunt, Kunti had a child (Karna) out of the wedlock but was also filled with remorse and knew that she had committed a colossal mistake. That is the reason why, Krishna always told everyone, even Karna to respect his mother, Kunti, and forgive her for her past mistakes. Because once a person is filled with deep remorse, we should forgive and not abandon that person.

4. Women Empowerment

It was during the 'Vastra Haran' in the open court by the Kauravas, Krishna had promised Draupadi that she would have her revenge against them. He always encouraged Draupati never to forget the molestation she had suffered. And, in the end, she got justice by washing her hair with the blood of Duryodhana. Krishna sends out the message loud and clear that death should always be the only punishment for abuse against women.

5. Stand By What's Right

In Mahabharata, Arjuna was initially a little bit hesitant to fight a war against his family members and Gurus. But Krishna had reminded him that one has to stand by what is right, even it meant going against one's own family. There's no point in pointing fingers on people, while your own family carries the same faults in them. You have got to clean your own house first.

Happy Janmashtami

By Rishabh Naudiyal

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