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5 Reasons why JEE NEET exams should not happen during a pandemic - The Project Quote

Coronavirus Cases in India crossed 30 Lakh. More than 60,000 registered yesterday only. But the government is stubborn to conduct JEE/NEET exams. The only issue here is not risking the life of students. Let's look at other issues as well.

1. The most obvious one

The risk to the life of the students. But it also increases the risk of the life of their parents as well as their elderly grandparents.

2. Having a separate room for each member of the house is still a luxury in India.

As schools, offices, coaching centers are closed, most of the students do not have space in their home to concentrate on their studies which will affect their exam.

3. Rural India will suffer.

Students living in rural areas have centers far from home. Public transports are still closed. Traveling to the examination center is a big challenge for them.

4. Assam and Bihar are badly affected by floods.

More than 36 lakh families are affected by floods in Assam. Many of them lost their house, land, and livelihood. They are struggling to get food once a day, how can a student prepare for exams in such conditions.

More than 10 lakh families are affected in Bihar as well by floods. Forcing these students to give exams amid a pandemic and flood is inhumane.

5. Riches will benefit while poor will suffer.

Either it is about preparation or convenience of giving exams. The richer have an upper hand during pandemic. They have good facilities, and Internet. The students for the rural India and poor families are going to suffer the most.


POV by Vaibhav Rai

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