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What If, Muggle Theory Is Actually True And The Wizarding World Actually Exists

I wish! that the wizarding world of Harry Potter would have been as real as magical it is. And maybe, it is, and the muggle theory is actually true, and we don’t know anything about the world we are missing, or maybe it’s all in my head, fantasizing about the wizarding world and its magical life.

// What if, that world becomes a reality and the wizarding world actually exists. //

Then I hope I would be living on the 4TH PRIVET DRIVE IN LONDON with my family and my siblings and on one fine Sunday morning, we receive a letter delivered by an owl. After opening the letter which has my name on it my father would have read about my enrolment in THE HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WIZARDRY AND WITCHCRAFT.

Wow!! I can see that happening in front of my eyes. Well, I would be happy if the letter would be from BEAUXBATONS or CASTELOBRUXO or DURMSTRANG or even ILVERMORY but to be honest, HOGWARTS is my personal favorite and that is for very obvious reasons.

Everyone in my family would be so happy and contented knowing that there would be a wizard in their family very soon. I can imagine the proud faces of my parents as we all know being a wizard isn’t something very common. Instead, it is something that extremely rare for us muggles.

Then we would have gone to the DIAGON ALLEY going through the leaking Cauldron for shopping for my first year. I would have gone to the Ollivander's to get me a wand and I hope that the wand which chooses me would be a wand that has a feather of Phoenix in it. Well, that just a wild guess but I hope so. I won’t be unhappy if it has a core of a dragon's heartstring or even if a unicorn’s hair because they all have their specialty.

I would have then visited Broomstick and purchased a Broomstick from there maybe a Nimbus 2000 and then continuing my shopping I would have gone to buy myself all the books for my studies and the cloak, uniform, and everything else.

At last, I would have gone to buy myself a pet and I would certainly have bought an OWL. Well, there aren’t many options that we have, we just have a cat, a mouse, and an owl and when it comes to me I don’t like cats and mouse so the only option left for me would be getting an owl. I would have gone for a Tawny brown that the Eeylops Owl Emporium sells.

And then I would have gone to Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke shop to buy some practical joke candies for my siblings and I would have pulled a prank on them.

Before leaving the Diagon Alley I would have gone to the Gringotts to get myself an account there if I had enough money but since it’s just an imagination, I suppose I had enough money to open an account in the Gringotts. The goblins that work there look very spooky to me and when they talk it feels as if they are looking directly into your soul but still I would have gone there just to experience the feeling of getting an account there.

After leaving the place we would have gone to our home. I would have been sleepless the whole night thinking about my life that is yet to come, hoping for the best and even dreaming for the best thing possible.

Finally, the day has come. Today, I would be leaving for Hogwarts. I would go to king cross station and I would be running inside the pillars between Platforms 9 And 10 just to reach platform number 9 3/4. There the Hogwarts express would be waiting for me. I just can’t wait to see the scenic beauty all around the journey.

And after reaching the station of Hogwarts I would have gone on a boat and then to the great hall of Hogwarts where the sorting hat would have sorted me into one of the four houses. Well, my personal favorite is GRYFFINDOR and I’m in the GRYFFINDOR house.

By Arshyan Siddiqui

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