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Thoughts about how the world is on the other side. Is it some sort of Utopia where life's beautiful?

If the world was ending, would I cry or would I simply go beyond the horizon, so peacefully as if I wanted this for quite some time? I often find myself, drowned in the whirlwind of my own chaotic thoughts about how the world is on the other side. Is it some sort of Utopia where life is beautiful?

If I had to describe it, it's a place where happiness is the key emotion. I see people loitering all around, running here and there as if it is the assorted mesh of blended hues trying to fabricate a pattern. There is so much chaos yet it is peaceful. Everyone is busy yet you can see the sense of calm on their faces. They are doing not what life demanded, but what they always aspired to do. I often hear the giggling of the kids in the park, with no restrictions on the race they belonged to.

I see people wearing a rainbow but not because they had to prove their individual choices but because they wanted to. They are not conducting marches to find their place in society but they all are walking together despite the genders they are or choose to be with.

I see all the races and ethnicities laughing together as if they are one big family. There are no guns, just roses all the way. There are men cooking the goodies and women plowing the fields without being judged for not following the stereotypical gender norms.

I see a place where women are roaming in the streets without having to turn back every five seconds. No one is fighting for equal rights. The place where the men can cry. It's the place where a man is respected for liking the color pink.

I see a place where everyone is beautiful. The girl with pixie hair, the girl who has curves, the girl who is skinny, the guy with braces, the guy with a belly, and everyone else.

Maybe it's not the place I see, maybe it's what I want my world to be.

By Arshita Verma

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