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A Letter To characters from Aspirants

Dear SK,

In this cynical world where everyone prefers to be self-absorbed, you are an archetype of selflessness reflected through your unrequited love for "Tripod". Be it motivating Abhilash through your poetic verses or trying to be a bridge narrowing the gap between Abhilash and Guri, you were the driving force behind the reunion of Tripod(the gang of Guri, Abhilash, and You).

Your altruism was once again evident when despite enduring so many taunts from your students labeling you as a failure, you didn't fail to encourage them, you always imparted knowledge to them and guided them to build a better future for themselves. Sk, very few human beings like you exist in this world and we all yearn for a friend and teacher like you in our life.

Dear Guri,

You are that boisterous friend who possesses the ability to release stress from anyone's shoulder, I really admire your efforts in trying to give comfort to Abhilash whenever he was engulfed by pessimism. You were always there for your friends, sharing their grief and happiness by standing beside them through thick and thin.

Though most of the time your gibberish was discarded and made fun of by SK and Abhilash yet 'Tripod' was incomplete without your exuberance. Although both of your ego and strife, widened the gap between you and Abhilash yet you were kind-hearted enough to forgive him in the end and mend the broken friendship without which you 'three' were incomplete. At times when we feel like giving up, we all wish to have a friend like you who will cheer us up.

Dear Sandeep Bhaiya,

Seeing you embedding all your pain wearing a smile really made me heartbroken and tearful at times. Your determination to achieve your ambition sacrificing all your desires even the love of your life(Kusum) really taught us that hard work is the only key to success. You honestly did justice to the name you were addressed with i.e 'Bhaiya'.

From motivating Abhilash to introspect about his dreams to tell him that one's success is unfulfilled without the rejoice of their near and dear ones you were a true idol for Abhilash awakening his conscience. Your resilience even being subjected to failure multiple and your self-belief to pursue your passion will forever linger in your heart as a symbol of inspiration.

Dear Dhairya,

You were the reason behind Abhilash's transformation from a negative to a positive outlook. You were the ray of light in Abhilash's dreary life, untangling all his dilemmas by giving him all your time. As your name suggested, you were the torchbearer of patience by teaching Abhilash how to stay calm and find a solution to every problem with an optimistic outlook. From practicing how to write exam papers in the library, to those long walks, your and Abhilash's bond was something I really wished to see ruptured.

This unfulfilled love story throbbed my heart with pain, but it receded in the end when I witnessed how happy you were with Guri. Dhairya, you have been through a lot, be it abandonment by Abhilash without a last goodbye or your failure to become an IAS yet your flexibility and patience upon life in achieving your dreams really makes you endearing.

Dear Abhilash,

You are the epitome of perseverance and grit. Your initial journey was filled with negativity, self-doubt, quandary yet you won over defeating all these barriers with your dedication and utmost love for your unfulfilled dreams. Though the zeal to accomplish your ambition blinded you, turning you into an egomaniac, yet your acknowledgment of the follies that made you distant from your friend was something which increased my respect for you two-folds.

Abhilash, no human being is perfect and you too weren't, you had your equal shares of mistakes and flaws but very few have the courage to amend their mistakes the way you did. Although your heart was never devoid of love for Dhariya, in the end at her wedding the way you disposed of the last souvenir you had of her(spectacle box) showed how circumstantial adversities of life made you wise. Your journey from a UPSC aspirant to an IAS officer was not only a treat to the eyes but also turned you into an idol for many aspirants of real life.

By Srilekha Mitra

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