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Aashiyan | Song Synopsis | 8 Years Of Barfi | The Project Quote

Dear Aashiyan (Barfi),

You are not just a song, but an equation of happiness. You remind me of those tiny and immature dreams I used to have in childhood. Now when I have a faded image of happiness, you tell me that my childhood self whom I considered to be callow was at least happy with her slightest achievements

Sometimes it is better to live a life without dreams because we end up with the possibility of acquiring happiness from almost everything. You learn to grin on little things. Perhaps, having low expectations make you joyous. But as we all grow, we dream bigger and bigger and there comes a day when we forget what being cheerful means. I wish to go back badly after listening to you

इत्ती सी हँसी

इत्ती सी ख़ुशी

इत्ता सा टुकड़ा चाँद का

ख़्वाबों के, तिनकों से

चल बनाएँ आशियाँ

Undoubtedly, the easiest thing to do in life is to dream. You need nothing but a pillow to sit back and think. A person never thinks of steps to complete their aspirations while dreaming. But later, he gets caught in the cycle of distress

You have paved the way for me to look at life a little differently. A person who always aspired of big things now is content with little things

ना हो कोई तकरारें

अरे मस्ती, ठहाके चलें

प्यार के सिक्कों से

महीने का खर्चा चले

I lived a tiny moment of glee in between your lyrics. Let the house have no walls, but still, I would go sit near those small windows and smile. The gush the wind would whisper joy into my ears. Clouds will be the curtains and trees would be my fan. Though I will be penniless, I would be content. Coins of love would run my house every month. That little house would feel like a nest of my own, full of joy

Those beautiful scenes of Darjeeling healed me. I was lost inside nature's inside

दबे दबे पाँव से

आये हौले हौले ज़िन्दगी

होंठों पे कुण्डी चढ़ा के

हम ताले लगा के चल.

Now, I know that if I'm not happy enough I would share it with someone I adore. Silently life would come to me, hidden from the world, I would keep quiet and run with it

I can never thank you enough:)


Someone who just learned how to be happy.


By Ayushi Abhilipsa Rout

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