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All the Railway facilities suspended till March 31 - The Project Quote News

Amid the rising terror of coronavirus in the country, Indian Railways announced that all the passenger trains will be canceled till March 31.

"In continuation of the measures taken in the wake of COVID-19, it has been decided that cancellation of all passenger train services on Indian Railways and Konkan Railway shall be extended till 31 March," the Railway Ministry said in a statement.

Though, the goods trains will be functioning normally during this period.

The decision comes in light of several infected people traveling on the trains. "Railways has found some cases of coronavirus infected passengers in trains which makes train travel risky. Avoid train travel as you may also get infected if your co-passenger has coronavirus. Postpone all journeys and keep yourself and your loved ones safe," the railways tweeted.

Don’t worry about the cancellation fees, Indian Railways promises a 100% refund.

The total number of people infected has been reached to 324.

It is advised to stay at home in this crucial situation.

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