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Delhi couple de-boarded from Rajdhani after co-passengers spotted home quarantine stamp

The stupidity of people is going to take many lives of innocents. With more than 11,000 deaths worldwide, the people are not ready to take this epidemic seriously.

A Delhi couple boarder the Bangalore-Delhi Rajdhani train from Secunderabad, Telangana were de-boarded at Kazipet, Telangana after a co-passenger spotted the home quarantine stamp and reported it to TTE.

The couple was taken to hospital and the coach was sanitized and locked by the railway officials at the Kazipet station. A couple of days earlier, 4 men who were stamped for self-quarantine, took the Garibrath train from Palghar, Maharashtra and headed to Surat were de-boarded after TTE and co-passengers spotted the stamp. After that, they were taken to a local hospital.

People who are advised for self-quarantine are roaming as serving as the carrier to the virus. It's high time to take the issue seriously else the situation would be out of control.

Story by Vaibhav Rai

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