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Here's To 17 Years Since Rachel Got Off The Plane | F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Dear F.R.I.E.N.D.S,

The one where I wish to say Thank-you for being there for me when no one told me life was gonna be this way, I was broke and my love life was DOA, the rain of melancholy and loneliness poured over me, when it hadn’t been my day, my week, or even my year, and I’ve been there with every tear and smile of this show in my heart coz you’re there for me too!

The apartment that saw every emotion sink in, and all of you hugging each other when things didn’t work out, gave me hope that a group of such lovely and caring friends were the actual “magical beans “that Rachel found too.

You made us realize that even if we didn’t have a “plan” and how the real world sucked but we are gonna love it because it’s never late to start pursuing your dreams be it Rachel blossoming into the fashion industry after waitressing or Chandler leaving his well-paid job to pursue something he loved, Joe too saw all ups and downs in his acting career but still stood strong like Dr. Drake Ramoray, indeed portrayed “days of our lives”!

It's more than a show, an emotion that never fades away, a journey that started 26 years ago and will be continued for generations to come because it fits in every era! The show which ecstatically captured millions of relations -bromance of Chandler and Joey(best buds), the on and off relation of Ross and Rachel(Rachel and ross- our lobsters ), from friends to soulmates –“ could they be more adorable “Monica and Chandler” and the beautifully weird Phoebe and Mike and the soul sisters – Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel”!

Seeing you all hang out on that orange couch in central perk made us believe we could solve every issue with a cup of coffee and you made us go “oh my god”(I hope you can hear the giggles of Janice in your head)with all those moments of compassion, never leaving each other no matter how much the situations got worse!

A show that beautifully portrayed three unusual forms of pregnancy - surrogacy, adoption, and single mom, that was just heart-melting! All the beautiful weddings (even Ross saying I take the Rachel)made us reach for tissues, or when Rachel finally realized Ross was her lobster, and Monica proposing to Chandler on one knee, or Joey’s love for food and phoebe playing “smelly cat“ became my happy place I could snuggle into a blanket with a cup of coffee like I was in the coffee house too!

We didn’t see the “unagi” when you all left your keys at the apartment, and the walls all purple left our hearts all blue a d gloomy, because we were never ready for this, not seeing joey earing casually out of Monica’s fridge, Chandler’s sarcastic jokes every second, Rachel after she got off the plane, Monica telling all not to mess up the place and preparing delicious dinner every Thanksgiving, Ross talking science (actually dinosaurs), and phoebe playing her songs you can’t ignore, and Gunther smiling at the coffee counter and all of them standing with different umbrellas at the end of the song, it’s still feels home, we wish we could see you see you all having coffee together hanging out and smiling if you could just return to the apartment once more!


The one where our hearts got stuck in the apartment that awaits a reunion and laughter!

Here's to 17 yrs since Rachel got off the plane

By Shruti

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