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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Dear Hindi,

Thank you for existing. I write this to you with indebted hands and a gratitude full heart.

You are a miraculous life savior! You aren't just a language, you are a world of sentiment. An exquisite heart that pounds on our tongues.

You are so untamed. Like you honestly tried to spill out of my pen during my literature paper. You are so ubiquitous. At every edges and depths under the blue hues.

Here are the 7 Hindi words/phrases we are grateful for.

"अँगरेज़ चले गए, तुझे छोड़ गए "

Thank you for being the perfect savior to everyone belonging to this category. (Me too).

What about you?

"अबे यार"

Thank you for this perfect blend of all sorts of feelings and emotions bundled up in one. This makes me swallow contentment every time I utter that. Voyages every edge of the heart.


The perfect time-saving phrase. Goes so damn well with sloths like me(Don't snigger you aren't any different). This should be included by the government into a bare subsistence level. (Agree?).


Mother and Mom don't go well with our tastes. Again thanks to you for this one, the amount of peace this word has clasped into its arms is enough for the entire galaxy to heal. Containing the very essence of unconditional love in just one word.

"नालायक कहीं का/की!"

Okay! I have honestly grown up with this. Consuming it more than I ever slurped golas and candies. And now it's luring me towards nostalgia. (you too?)


How can I ever forget you? I will forever be beholden to you for this one. Amidst zillion of cultures and myriad of perspectives, you have entangled us into an imperishable thread that weaves love and fraternity.


Whenever 'Namaskaram' from Kerala and 'Khurumjari' from Manipur find it tough to pour their heart out. Thanks for being the cupid. Extending heartwarming gratitude for being the sole of unity in the vast stretches of heavenly Kashmir and spicy Kerala, from sondeshi West Bengal to Thepla Gujrat.

Lastly, a special thanks for the special phrases like "hatt", "phutt", "chiiii", "hayee", "ufff". You made it easy. And for the word 'Chutiya' and definitely, its family cause, we are a generation that breathes it.

You have all my heart.


Someone who loves you so much.


By Aditi Singh

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