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Is China Successful in Stopping the Spread of the Coronavirus?

The novel "Coronavirus" has shaken the world to its core. From the healthcare system to economical condition, the virus has tattered every sector of the countries.

The highly contagious nature of the virus makes it dangerous than SARS and normal flu. Even though the mortality rate is low, the rate with which it is spreading is alarming. WHO has already declared the Novel Coronavirus as a Pandemic.

We have shared a post on Instagram on 14th March 2020 about the Coronavirus Updates around the world. We have data from 14th March and 17th March. Let's compare the data and see how the virus is affecting different countries.

Total Cases

There is an increment in the number of cases but if you focus on the portion of active cases, from 47.3% on 14th March, it grows to 52.6% on 17th March. Let's have a look at active cases to see how many of them are seriously ill.

Active Cases

Even there is a rise in the number of active cases, but if you look at the percentage of people with a serious condition, it has gone down from 8% to 6.4%. That seems like an improvement but it is too early to say that. Let's see the data about the closed cases.

Closed Cases

There is an increment in the percentage of deaths, but an increment of just 1% over 3 days does not show you the actual picture. So there is no need to panic about the rise of 1%. We all should take all precautionary measured to fight against the virus.

Which Countries are most affected?

Here you can see country wise data of the number of total cases reported. This is where China comes into light. There are only 57 new cases registered in China in the last three days, that's a massive improvement by China and it shows how successful they are in containing the virus by taking all necessary protective measures.

The number of cases in Italy has increased with an alarming rate with more than 10,000 new registered cases in the last three days. The number of cases has also increased at a rapid speed for the USA, France, Spain, Germany, and Iran.

But if you see the data of South Korea, it looks like they are also successful in stopping the widespread of the virus within their borders.

Death Rate shows a similar trend for these two countries. China and South Korea have worked actively to save the lives of people. However, the number of deaths has rapidly increased in other countries.

China has taken strict measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus and this the need of the hour for every country around the world to take strict actions to handle this pandemic. We will keep you updated about coronavirus. We will keep you updated about coronavirus. By Vaibhav Rai

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