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Kahin Pahuchne Ke Liye, Kahin Se Nikalna Padta Hai | YJHD

"Kahin Pahuchne ke liye, kahin se nikalna padta hai,sahi samay pe kat lena chahiye,warna gile Shikway hone lagte hain"

Many a time it happens that we struggle and work hard to get a specific job, a specific person, or a specific thing, but when it is all our we feel too weak and confused to keep it with us forever and ever and make it our life. All we are seeking is new things, we can't stay firm on one thing and that feeling makes us switch to many new opportunities.

Bunny felt the same, it wasn't his flaw but it was his kind of happiness and space. He wanted to fly higher and getting stuck in one place was never his cup of tea. The height on which he was flying was a height of happiness for him.

If your dreams are big and if you intend to fly high at every step of your life, you will completely agree with Bunny. It sometimes feels suffocating if you stay at the same place even being an explorer.

The very important formula to live life is to learn detaching yourself from your regular routine and people. Many times people stick to a relationship which longer feels loved, a friendship which no longer feels bonded, a job which no longer gives them excitement, and people who no longer respect them, but being surrounded by such cliche ruins you mentally and emotionally, so taking a high jump towards your dream can help you stay happy and in peace.

You were never wrong, Bunny, it was your way of living life and finding happiness in exploring new things. You were the motivation for many people who were swinging between their routines and the urge to explore. You enjoyed your life to it's fullest by experimenting with people and places. You are the boss of your life and your decisions which very few people dare to be.


By Juili Pawar

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