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'Kho Gaye Hum Kahan' Gives Hope To People Who Are Stuck

At times we all feel things, things we cannot name, things we cannot term, or know how we feel, things we don't want to share, things that make us feel euphoric. It is not that we don't want to name it but the fact that there is no one way we feel about these things makes it harder for us to even think about naming what we feel.

That is what this song is, we cannot tell when you would listen to this song. You cannot tell what this song means to you. You cannot tell what this song feels like, it has been something that we cherish, something which makes us feel instantly better about ourselves.

'Kho Gaye Hum Kahan' is a cry for hope. It gives hope to people who are stuck in some situations in their life.

टेढ़े-मेढ़े रास्ते हैं, जादुई इमारतें हैं,

मैं भी हूँ तू भी है यहाँ

I mean, think about it, this song is structured so amazingly. You are telling the problems and situations before moving onto the solutions.

फिसल जाएं भी तो डर न कोई

I mean this is the absolute beauty of the lyrics. What this song does is that it gives you immense hope and pleasure of knowing/having something that you can turn to even when you're in the gravest of dangers.

This song acts as a safe place for the people who are stuck in their thoughts, and the tune helps to calm them down into realizing that things being worried about don't matter anymore. This song is one of a kind for the way it portrays things.

सो गयी हैं ये साँसें सभी,

अधूरी सी है कहानी मेरी

This is the purest form of hope that one can give, what we call helping without needing anything in return. This song is nothing, if not wonders that it does for people that listen to it.

By Sairaj Birajdar

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