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Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin Is Loving The Unloving | Song Synopsis

Maana ke hum yaar nahin is a letter to an unfulfilled true love's remnant to make sure that the love now buried six feet under never breaks out of the coffin and blooms once again.

It talks of a love that has been denied. A love that claims to have left but still sits silently in the corner of our hearts, in vulnerable times, building a fool's paradise. It's my letter to you, to help me unlove you or at least put up a good act.

When we break up and decide that we are not lovers anymore. The love that once tied us in a knot has flown away to a faraway land to sit on an abandoned flower. We believe that all of it has disappeared. But did it? Does it?

"Maana ke hum yaar nahin," is an empathetic melody that tells us how we should collect, caress, and bid goodbye to the remnants of love that we assume have already vanished.

फिर भी नज़रें ना तुम मिलाना

दिल का ऐतबार नहीं

These lines are the bitter truth of our innocent hearts. Don't let your eyes meet mine, the ones that once painted me with eternal love for no matter how many cemented walls one might cage love, it still can fool you and escape from those cracks you couldn't find the strength to fill. Love and heart can never be trusted, they both together can make us walk on destructive paths.

दूर से ही तुम मुस्काना

लेकिन मुस्कान हो ऐसी

की जिसमे इकरार नहीं

Maana ke hum yaar nahin holds our hand at lonely nights, takes our head in its lap, and lulls us to a sleep that has forgotten the way to our eyes. It tells you to pass distant affectionless smiles because being closer can set fire to those deadened sparks you are trying to hush down.

बात छिड़े जो मेरी कहीं

तुम उसको भूल बता देना

लेकिन वो भूल हो ऐसी

जिससे बेज़ार नहीं

"Maana ke hum yaar nahin" gives words to those feelings you want to convey to your alleged ex-lover, so you don't stagger from the path of unloving and how you want him to skip the conversations that concern you and tell it as a fault, a fault that must not affect him. And somehow, you still hope that he too watches the ceiling with sleepless eyes, with a heart so restless that it beats in morse code, your name.

Maana ke hum yaar nahin is loving the unloving.

By Tanya D Saxena

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