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Moments That IPL Lovers Can Relate To

Indian Premier League is the biggest and most enjoyed cricket league in the world. Even during the pandemic, BCCI somehow managed to arrange the IPL and this news brought a smile to millions of the fan around the world.

Here are some moments that only IPL fan can relate to:

1. The excitement with which you start brimming with after the announcement of IPL is beyond the level.

2. On the match day, the quarrel for the remote is on top of the headline in your house because the time clashes with many other serials and news programs.

3) The winner of the IPL cup gets finalized on the first day of the tournament as it becomes the main part of the discussion in your house.

4) Studies and all other works are completed in any way before the tune of IPL notifies all the surroundings of your house because of TV's high volume.

5) Social media handles become your savior sometimes, even Google as they present IPL scores whenever you are not able to watch live matches.

6) The conversation between you and your friends turns out to wrestle with words during the live match of your favorite teams.

7) 2020 really turned out a whole game-changer for the IPL match also: The teams have a new kind of scoreboard now and all the supporters are in a little amusement.


By Diya Sheth

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